Organic Papaya Puree

Called the ‘fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus, Papayas are native to Central America and have long been revered by the American Indian populations in that area. Upon conquest, the Spaniards and Portuguese brought these deliciously sweet jewels with them to many other subtropical lands to which they journeyed, including India, the Philippines and parts of Africa. Papayas were brought into the United States in the 20th Century.

The Papaya is a nutritional powerhouse, containing the anti-oxidant vitamins C and E, and well as high folate and potassium content. Papayas are high in fiber, magnesium, and the carotenes.

Dynamic Health Laboratories’™ Organic Certified Papaya Puree is a delicious, convenient, healthy way to ensure that you get your daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and enzymes.


• All Natural Ingredients
• Nutritionally!
• No Preservatives
• No Sugar Added
• Cholesterol Free
• Parve • Kosher
• Low Calorie • Fat Free
• Ideal For Smoothies!
• Space Saving 16 oz. Size!
• Delicious Healthy Toppings!

Available in 16 oz.